Air Conditioner



  • Inbuilt Features:
    • World famous compressor
    • Super-quality internal threaded copper pipe
    • Multi-folds evaporator
    • Hydrophilic film aluminium foil
    • Auxiliary electric heating system
    • Three-dimensional air delivery technology
    • Sleep mode
    • independed Dehumidifying
    • Self-diagnosis and auto-control
    • On/Off timers
    • Intelligent defrosting
    • LED Display
    • Corrrugate high efficient filter screen
  • Optional Features:
    • Air exchange device
    • Automatic restart
    • Vitamin C filter
    • Cold catalyst technology
    • Healthy anions



1. The above design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

2. The values given in the table for the noise level reflect the levels in anechoice chamber.

Window Type AC

List of available models